What will be the difference after decreasing workloads for Chinese students?

During summer vacation in 2021, China announced a broad set of reforms for private education companies, seeking to decrease workloads for students and overhaul a sector it says has been “hijacked by capital.”  

Started from 1st.Sep.2021, the new regulations ban companies that teach school curriculums from making profits, raising capital or going public. They can no longer offer tutoring related to the school syllabus on weekends or during vacations. They also can’t give online or academic classes to children under the age of six, a segment of the population that has increasingly been pushed to start studying early.  

As before, all parents seek to give their children every advantage. And more focus on education about culture and general knowledge courses somehow overlooks the importance of physical education. As a result, students do not have a strong body to cope with some sports that require endurance like long-distance races or some intense exercises, which sometimes even lead to tragedy.

Based on such long-term education background, Chinese education Authorities seek to decrease the workload for students, meanwhile, enhance physical education which could help invigorate health effectively and help with mental health. Moreover, with social development, difference from previous simplify sports at school, there are various kinds of sports nowadays like campus yoga, tennis, golf, swim,ming etc. which makes students feel more interested to take part in these physical activities, and enriched content of inter-class exercises. It has mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of students to participate in physical exercises and gradually enables students to develop good physical exercise habits.

For sure, different sports choose relatively suitable sportswear, just like “ Let the Tiger Have Wings”. They are all with details of the design based on different sports events, and they are comfortable to wear with light, breathable, fast-drying, easy-to-play sports. And somehow functional activewear protects students avoiding some unnecessary harm.

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