Unmasking the Truth: Tales of Deception and Unethical Competition Amidst and Beyond the Pandemic

Gentle reminder, this is a real-life story involving dishonesty and Anti-Unfair Competition. Our company, along with many others, has been a victim of this. Therefore, it is important to briefly explain it to everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.

Let’s discuss the extraordinary events that have transpired during and after the pandemic. The economic recession caused by the three-year pandemic from 2019 to 2022 had a significant impact on the supply chain of the foreign trade industry.

During this period, our company faced various incidents due to the restrictions on international visits, which created opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to deceive clients. Many individuals were enticed to make quick profits through illegal means, disregarding laws, ethics, and morals. The reliance on online platforms and social media for information dissemination led to many clients being misled.

Misleading information on online platforms hindered transparency in our collaborations. Despite this, our company’s reputation remains strong due to our experience and dedication in the industry. Unfortunately, we have encountered dishonest competitors who have exploited our resources to reach out to clients, some of them even impersonating our company using similar company names (D&J’s two official branch factories: D&J Fashion Co., Ltd & Dongguan Claire Sports Technology Co., Ltd) or email address (D&J’s official and the only email suffix: @dandj.cn). Our factory images and supply chain information have been misused on various trading websites, they intentionally misled customers by providing information on products similar to D&J, company introductions, product catalogs, and document formats (invoices, quotations, material cards, etc.), leading to misunderstandings among clients and harming our company’s reputation.

We would like to express our gratitude to clients and friends who have raised questions and helped minimize losses. Despite our efforts to clarify misunderstandings, some clients continue to be deceived. Therefore, we feel it is necessary to share some real stories that have affected us.

Story 1: In June 2022, a customer from Australia, P*ony, received misleading information from a former employee of D&J, causing confusion about our company. Further investigation revealed the truth.

Story 2: In September 2022, a customer from Australia, Al* Fe*ix, sought verification from our company. The customer complained to the D&J boss about quality issues, and after verification, it was found that the quality problem that occurred was not caused by D&J, but was confused with another similar competitor. In fact, this order was not produced by D&J.

Story 3: In October 2022, a customer from Australia, Zul* Z*p*yr, encountered a package mix-up. Based on customer feedback, the factory was not held responsible for any quality issue, and the cooperation ended on an unpleasant note due to quality concerns.

Story 4: In June 2023, a customer from Miami, USA named Mo***e, mistakenly remitted the payment that should have been made to D&J to another trading company. The error was only discovered when the customer provided us with the payment receipt, and as of now, they have not received a refund. Instead of promptly returning the funds, the company accused the customer of colluding with D&J Company to deliberately frame them, needlessly complicating a straightforward issue. Such behavior may be indicative of individuals lacking integrity, but it certainly does not align with the conduct and values upheld by D&J Company.

Story 5: In November 2023, an order from our customer C*lt G**a in Los Angeles, USA, was mistakenly attributed to the wrong company due to similarities in name and address, instead of being correctly assigned to our D&J account.

We have a wealth of evidence at our disposal and have been consistently receiving feedback from clients, including many American customers who have received business emails containing images of our factory, supply chain resources, and documents with striking similarities to our own. During the pandemic, numerous legal cases have accumulated in China. Compared to the lengthy litigation process, today’s story hopes to help more clients avoid business risks. We also welcome more kind-hearted and just individuals to provide evidence to us.

In today’s society, many young people aspire to start their own businesses to achieve personal and financial success. D&J Company has always maintained an open, fair, and mutually beneficial approach. With 15 years of experience in this industry, we have built a strong client base. Ten years ago, we supported some of our executives in their entrepreneurial endeavors, providing them with hardware and software support, as well as assistance in setting up systems and human resources. We believe in cooperation and mutual success. Even when former employees who left D&J received orders, we supported them with our supply chain production. Respect and fair competition are essential in the market.

However, using unethical means to seek personal gain, especially in the above-mentioned incidents that occurred after leaving the company, these employees were personally trained hand-by-hand by Jennifer, the owner of D&J, from scratch in the field of international business. After leaving, they have engaged in illegal and immoral activities, imitating and plagiarizing D&J, spreading rumors, and defaming the company where they once learned and grew. Their departure from the company was initially done in a friendly and peaceful manner, but it has unexpectedly led to a situation that is both awkward and complex. We do not tolerate actions that harm our company through illegal means. We speak out to protect clients from deception and promote partnerships based on trust. And we have taken legal weapons to defend our legitimate rights and interests.

Justice may have been delayed, but it eventually prevailed. The trading company, which engaged in malicious and unfair competition, has been criticized and likened to a dishonest entity facing the risk of deregistration. This outcome is reflected in the individual credit report inquiry system in China (accessible via the official website: http://www.wenshu.court.gov.cn by inputting its company name in Chinese) in accordance with the official judgment of the company.

We hope that customers will not be deceived, especially for the founders of startups, whom are not easy to run a business. Startups are more vulnerable to such incidents due to limited resources, incomplete systems, and a lack of rigorous supply chain audit mechanisms. We recommend that customers visit their suppliers before the first-time cooperation to understand their production and trade modes better and conduct background checks on the company. You can learn about a company’s history by examining their qualifications, company background, establishment time, customer positioning, etc. This will also help you determine whether the company is a factory or a trading company. From our understanding, some companies outsource production to small factories or workshops specializing in manufacturing low to mid-range products, or they send orders to subcontractors in remote provinces for processing. We suggest that you consider hiring a third-party organization to conduct factory audits and qualification checks on these companies before establishing official partnership, as this can significantly reduce commercial risks.

Thank you once again for taking the time to patiently read this article.

Legal Dept.

D&J International Group

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