Persistence because of love!

You may be curious about the story behind our company’s name – D&J, and how it came to be. D&J refers to Danny and Jennifer, a lovely couple who started as a family business driven by their love for the fashion industry. However, they were determined to make it more than just a family venture, fueled by their sense of responsibility and passion.

Danny, started as a technical expert in pattern making, and pursued a degree in Fashion Design at university. He has gained over 10 years of experience in pattern-making technology and workmanship as well as rich management experience at the largest swimwear manufacturer in Asia after his graduation. He established his own swimwear factory in 2006.


Jennifer joined the company in 2007 after completing her studies in International Trade Business in English. Their contrasting personalities – Jennifer being more extroverted and outgoing, while Danny is more introverted – complement each other perfectly, earning them the reputation of being the golden duo.

D&J has faced numerous challenges and encountered many twists and turns on its journey to establishment. The two founders have weathered ups and downs together, striving to make D&J a benchmark enterprise in the industry and a leading manufacturer of high-quality swimwear and activewear.

Today, headquartered in Dongguan, China, D&J International Group comprises 4 subsidiary companies: “D&J Fashion,” our mother factory; “D&J HQ,” our foreign trade headquarter; “Claire,” our second wholly-owned factory; and “ME,” our related supply chain management company, along with an existing overseas factory we invested in Cambodia. We are dedicated to developing and producing high-end fashion and high-quality products. Our products are exported to various markets, including USA, Europe, and Australia. Through long-term collaborations with customers worldwide, we offer sourcing and manufacturing of other related products as one-stop solutions with our value-added services.

“Look up at the stars, stay grounded”. Persisting in doing the right things, with a customer-centric approach, supported by a team of like-minded individuals. We firmly believe that D&J will continue to thrive and evolve in a positive direction.

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