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02 Formal Cooperation


Costing Exercise

Step 1 – Costing Exercise

But if you can’t send the detailed information to us, then a sketch with T/P(technical package) information also will be fine, but it can only be for your rough price idea reference.

B.  IE and paper pattern department accounting for labor hours and usage of fabric

We will calculate based on the information you provide and our experience, and a trial offer will be sent to you within a week.

C. The purpose of costing exercise

It’s really important for you to know our price level at the beginning and it will give us more confidence to go proceed after getting price approval in case of any price argument in the future. Once we can agree on the price level, then we can move on to the sample development process. Please kindly note the price in the trial quotation just as a price level reference, and the final price can be confirmed once we made the physical samples.


Merchandiser Team
Packaging & Shipping
Merchandiser Team

Once we start sampling, our merchandiser team will be included as well. They are responsible for the daily communications for all details about sampling and production, including issues like technical queries, S/O & L/D handling, samples requirements & sampling status, bulk production status, QC booking, shipping queries, invoices issues… etc


Usually, our sample development process includes first fit, proto sample, revised sample, SMS, Pre-production sample, and TOP samples. (All sample development processes can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and needs.)


If you are ready to move into production, then please issue the PO to us. We will advise the best delivery time after confirming with our supplier and our PMC department. Meanwhile, we will produce the pre-production sample and graded measurements for your size run approval. The production T&A also will be sent to you weekly so that you can clearly know the production status.


We have strict in­-line and end-line inspections, there are also QC processes for the packing stage, and then there will be a final QA inspection to ensure that the goods qualification rate achieves customer requirements. We can also follow customers’ quality standards if there is any request. We are in the spirit of “Quality is our life”.

Packaging & Shipping

Once production is complete and the quality control department has carried out a full 100% inspection, the packaging department will start packing the goods. Our merchandiser team will confirm the shipping method or courier information with customers before the completion of production to ensure the goods will arrive on time.

With 15 years of manufacturing experience in high-end swimwear and activewear, we expand our markets globally to Australia, America, and Europe, earning a good reputation in the fields. We offer value-added services in: 

  • One Stop Solution
  • Flexible MOQ
  • Speedy Sourcing
  • We made for Famous  
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social Compliance
  • Advanced management system
  • Leadership in sustainable & recycled resources
  • Quick lead time for samples and bulk production
  • D&J Culture makes our staff feel like a big family

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