How do we evaluate and recommend fabrics to customers?

Different from the traditional way that only being the cut & sew producer, just doing the sewing work after customers having sending all the materials to us, we set up our factory to “break the norm” with the original purpose—to make our customers’ life easier through handling as much parts of work as possible by ourselves. Therefore, “supply chain management” is one of the priority parts we have invested a lot of efforts on.We select our fabric mill partners carefully and seriously. Apart from the long-term partners which we have already worked together for years, we are also keeping enlarging our supplier base to meet with the growing and various needs. We have also especially set up a sourcing team to especially handle the materials development part.

After selecting the suitable fabric suppliers, the next important job is sorting out the core fabrics from different fabric mills, because one supplier may be strong at interlock fabrics, the other one may be good at jacquard fabrics…Therefore you can see that the workload is not light.

However, we do not recommend the fabrics to our customers blindly whenever our fabric mills proposal the fabrics to us. For some core items which are of high quality and competitive price, we will also especially test the performance by ourselves through the actual user experience. Because we understand that except from the cold testing documents like color fastness, tension force, pilling, shrinkage, etc…”thinking and feeling in a user’s way” is also very important which maybe easily neglected. Here I would like to share some more information about how we evaluate the fabrics through user experience.

Step 1: Selecting appropriate fabrics

Sales team will hold a meeting with sourcing team regularly about selecting the fabric testing samples. Because sales is the one who closely contact with customers directly, and sourcing team is the one who closely expose to the markets and fabric mills, therefore two parts sitting together can make some good and unexpected meeting results.

On the meeting, we will select some key fabrics based on the fabric characteristics, quality, advantage, suitability, and price. Usually 3-4 options will emerge after the meeting.

Step 2: Select styles to better test the fabrics

Usually we will select 2 styles—one standard sports bra and one legging, and then make the samples by ourselves.

Step 3: Wearing testing by team

We will wash the garments like consumers bought from the stores, and then wear them to work, to do yoga or to gym. Usually the testing period is 2 weeks or longer.

Step 4: Wearing report

Each testing member need to write down the wearing reports according to their practice and feelings. Then later we will hold the meeting again to share different options and suggestion about which fabrics should be put on the “strongly recommended” list.

Step 5: Data and list organization

Sourcing team will be responsible for organizing the list, input the related date and information on ERP system. And our sales team will prepare fabric parcel to customers based on different customers’ preference and brand DNA.

With the enlarging supplier base, we find this method is necessary and important to achieve the value maximization of the resources. If you want some samples for our highly-recommended fabrics, please feel free to contact us! 

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