How D&J’ers Making a Work-Life Balance

Catch…Jack!Starting our entertainment time with the sound of play in the open. The game we were playing called Frisbee. It’s one of our leisure activities after working.We can relax ourselves and release pressure better. All of us love the team game and enjoy the easy moment occasionally.

I certainly can’t forget such a group of people, they are a group of happy people(work hard & play harder) and surround us, whom is the D&J team worked in head office. We always keep clear mind and focus while we are working. We love ourselves and being very loving. Even if we are in rough and depressed time, but interacting with this cat (we called little flower), it makes us feel supported and warm hearted. we often touched her gently and feed her with meat during our break time. This is a stray cat, she likes sitting in the garden of our head office and waiting for feeding. Gradually, this little baby gets along well with us, she trusts us and loves to stay with us. A lovely pet, let us feel needed and become more tolerant and patient to treat everything, the same goes in our life and work. Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, we would never be disappointed. For sure, we will firmly keep our faith(sewing our beautiful life) and going on.

For us, keep good fitness levels and exercise is top priority, I believe through our discipline we would balance our daily work and life better and achieve an amazing result. Fortunately, there is a fitness clubhouse at our working zone. We can make an appointment ahead to have yoga class. We love it and like the thrill of sweating. No doubt it would be useful to our physical and metal growth. Let yoga penetrate into our lives, re-recognize ourselves in yoga, awaken the consciousness hidden in our deep heart, and find the truly joy of experiencing life from it as well as enjoy the moment where we are.

Einstein said: True happiness is optimistic about life, happy to work, enthusiasm for the career. This is the concept I advocate. Whatever the chicken feathers have been given to us by life and work, we would still have to face it smiley. Because our goal is to live what we completely expect and want. In other words, Work is for a better life, and life is for better enjoyment of our life journey. Let us enjoy working and being healthy life.

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