D&J’s Preparation for The Peak Season

With times went by, we come to the beautiful and harvest month—September. Certainly, it’s the time when our factory’s peak season starts on. Would you like to know how we prepare for our peak season? Follow us!

1.     Warehouse 

In our warehouse, there are tens of thousands of fabrics stored, we will clean up the leftover fabrics that have stored for more than 9months, and more space is made to store production fabrics. Our staffs will check all the labels of the storage shelves and double check whether the corresponding inventory data in the system is correct, then clean up some excess data, and ensure that the data of the system is 100% matching with the corresponding materials.

2.    Supply Chain Management Department

Adhering to the philosophy of customer-oriented and quality first, in our supply chain department, in order to ensure the shipping dates, our purchasing colleagues visit suppliers in advance to communicate with them about the delivery time and quality assurance. 

3.     ProductionDepartment

In our production workshop, in order to ensure customers’ orders are on track and running smoothly, we have purchased some equipment and prepared more sewing machines which can improve work efficiency while ensuring production quality. Also, we add some employees to ensure that the assembly line is balanced without delaying the work of any post. At the meanwhile, we carry out shift system to reasonably mobilize the time of employees, with enough rest time and enough spirit to work. We believe that with these preparations, we can complete the production plan with high quality on time.

In order to make sure every production steps go smoothly, we will hold the internal meeting and PP meetings with all related production teams to review that issues happened during previous months which are needed to be paid high attentions and asked for improvements. At the same time, our production manager will also arrange the division of labor of each production department, and materials preparation etc. What’ s more, a corresponding incentive system will be formulated to encourage workers.

4.     Headquarter

In order to assist our factory to better proceed the order plan, our sales and merchandiser team in headquarters will also meet together to discuss the matters to be paid attention to in the peak season, and also discuss how to offer much better service to our customers. 

AsCarnegie said: Those who do not prepare for tomorrow will never have a future. We believe that through our adequate preparation in advance from all of our departments, we will definitely be able to welcome the arrival of this peak season with confidence. When orders are coming, D&J is always well prepared for them!

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