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Crochet products have always represented a fashion trend in the fashion industry and is very popular with the public. More and more swimwear brands are also focusing on it and offering a wide range of options to meet the needs of different customers. It divided into handmade and machine crochet.

Handmade Crochet

In fact, handmade crochet products are very time-consuming to produce and mainly a home-based foundry. The advantage includes soft and fluffy, different yarns can be used to make a variety of patterns of different thicknesses. However, here still exist some disadvantages that we need to know. For instance, the size control is unstable, the pattern will appear uneven, low efficiency, long production lead time and high cost.

Machine Crochet

Conversely, the machine crochets’ advantages include one machine that can produce 30pcs at the same time, high efficiency, fast delivery, stable size, and lower cost than handmade. But due to the limitation of machine needle, only two ropes can be made. The pattern is relatively plain, not so soft, and fluffy enough as handmade.

Below is the machine crochet process for your information.

Throughout our past production experience, we at D&J have also gained a great deal of experience and resources as a manufacturer of crochet products. Below are some amazing crochet products and details we produced.

Above is just a small part of our crochet products.

We D&J are willing to customize any styles of crochet products for you. You just need to send your design draft or inspiration concept to us, we will start to develop these amazing swimwear with your brand characteristics for you grabbing the eyes from market at the first time.

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